Vintage Gifts

Your Choice for Vintage Gift Giving

Your Choice for Vintage Gift Giving

Increase the joy of gift giving with a truly unique vintage selection. Smithers and Stamford showcase a wide array of extraordinary merchandise on their online store. Choose between gift ideas for him vs. her, furniture, decor, or even ideas for children.

Gender-based ideas

Not sure what to buy someone of the opposite sex? Select between gift ideas specific for him or her. One beautiful piece that will satisfy a feminine and creative heart is the 'Retro Lady Mannequin', which comes in cream and retro rose colors. The stand is an antique white wood. For a masculine personality, there are ideas like the nautilus clock and the Bridgestone Tyre Mirror. Of course, you can shake things up and buy your favorite female something from the "gifts for him" section, like the whiskey glass set, or visa versa!

Furniture ideas

Smithers and Stamford cover all of your furniture needs! Among the vintage inspirations are the wood chairs and leather sofas! With vintage gift ideas, furniture for the house never needs to be boring! Does someone special in your life need extra storage space? Why not pitch in for the Time Traveller Trunk Set? Leather detailing on a vintage blue contrasts nicely on the outside, while the world map inside the chest will serve as a conversation starter.


Few items scream vintage louder than hard wood spice crates and old vintage signs! And remember, no kitchen or man cave is complete without a "beer on tap" notice! For more ideas click on vintage gifts